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Skin Wraps Water——the elegant entertainment with a hundred years' history

Skin Wraps Water is a simple phrase which vividly embodies the early tea culture that has existed for more than one hundred years in Yangzhou . No trace of aristocracy can be detected in this phrase, and the soul of the town culture in Yangzhou is fully conveyed in the phrase!


blob.pngThe ancient water garden on the moat is fairly lively thanks to local citizens and tourists. A cup of tea, various snacks and dishes all together make the time like the deferred magic lantern. When you watch the painted pleasure boat pass the window leisurely, when you see the end of the sallow dipping into the water and swaying with the waves, you'll feel there is no need to hurry. As the tea goes from strong to weak and you taste delicate snacks and dishes, the time has gone by unnoticed.

A “Taste” of Yangzhou food (I bought a jade bottle of fine wine before sending you off home far away. –By Du Mu of the Tang Dynasty)

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Huaiyang Cuisine dates back to the Spring and Autumn Period, develops in the Sui and Tang Dynasties and flourishes in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. It is very particular and demanding to ingredients, chopping skills. It requires careful heating control and stewing is especially preferred. Usually the taste of main ingredients is highlighted. With appropriate seasoning, it is loved by people from both the northern and the southern parts of China . 

In July 2001, Yangzhou was awarded “home to Chinese Huaiyang Cuisine” by China Cuisine Association, the first city receiving such honor.

Famous dishes and breakfast in Yangzhou

In Yangzhou , breakfast has been an essential part of residents' life. A piece of sliced bean curd, several pieces of delicate cakes together with two or three cups of tea will make a morning pleasant.五丁包子.jpg

There are plenty of choices in Yangzhou breakfast. The representative ones include: sliced bean curd that is blended with sliced ginger and dried shrimp. The dish will be perfect when soy and seasame oil are added into it. Jade bun is made of green vegetable, lard and ham. The color is green just like a jade. Besides, three-diced bun, steamed dumpling, multi-layer fried cake, crystal meat are all representative. The morning tea in Yangzhou named Kuilongzhu (Kui Dragon Ball) which blends Kuizhen from Anhui , Longjing from West Lake and Zhulan from Jiangsu and combines color, flavor and smell together is also characteristic. The tea smells fragrant when served with water from Yangzi River . It is a perfect kind of drink in the hot summer.蟹粉狮子头.jpg[Crab Flavored Meatball]: according to the legend, Emperor Yang of Sui Dynasty issued order for famous cooks to make this dish during his trip to Yangzhou , and the dish was called “Meat on Sunflower” which was made of meat, crab power and crab meat. The fat in the meat will be driven out while the flavor of crab powder gets into the meat as the mild fire heated the dish, a process making the flavor of the dish especially delicious.

[Boiled Shredded Dry Bean Curd]: it is also called dried soybean curd threads with chicken soup. First, the bean curd is sliced as thin as hair, and then it is accompanied with sliced chicken and bamboo shoots. All the ingredients will be boiled with chicken soup so than different flavors will be blended together. When the dish is put into a plate, cooked shrimp, peas and sliced ham will be added. This is a representative dish that demands perfect way of slicing bean curd.


[Drunken Duck in Watermelon Cup]: first, the watermelon is carved into the shape of a cup. The duck of which the bones has been taken away is filled with various food. Add wine when the duck is heated to the level that it has been almost ripe. Then, the cooked duck will be put into the watermelon cup. This dish looks beautiful, and the duck tastes soft with a unique flavor. And the watermelon cup reflects the perfect technique of using a knife. 


[The Head of Silver Carp]: the head of a sliver carp is cut into two parts, and put into the boiler. It will be heated for a while, then the head of the silver carp will be dipped into cold water. After being taken away the bone in the head, the fish will be put on a bamboo plate, and heated with lard, spring onion, ginger, and wine. This dish tastes fresh. It is a representative dish along the Changjiang River . 


[Wensi Toufu Soup]: this dish originated in Qing Dynasty. It was named after its designer the monk Wensi from Yangzhou Tianning Temple during Qianlong's reign. Wensi Toufu, made of toufu and ham is white with slices of green. The toufu is tender and the soup is delicious. The way to cut the toufu with a knife is also magical, because the toufu is sliced as slender as hair. 


[The Whole Pig's Head]: The dish the Whole Pig's Head has a history of four or five hundred years in Yangzhou . Someone in Qing Dynasty wrote a poem: “ Yangzhou is attractive, Monk Fahai wanders from one temple to another. On the bank of the lake there are several temples, and the towers are reflected in the water. What makes guests stay is the Pig's Head. ” This dish is made of a whole pig's head. The color is deep red, and the flavor is attractive. It tastes sweet with a slight taste of salty. 


[Grandma Pigeon Eggs]: the name of this dish comes from The Dream of the Red Chamber . Grandma Liu comes from rural areas and never has the chance to see a pigeon egg, assuming that the chicken in Rong Family are especially pretty so that they can produce such mini chicken eggs. Wang Xifeng deliberately teases her and gives her a pair of diamond-shaped choplin. Consequently, Grandma Liu has no way to pick up any pigeon egg with that pair of chop sticks. 


[Yangzhou fried rice]: Yangzhou fried rice was formerly recorded as “broken gold rice” in The Book about Food . It is said that this dish has been passed to Yangzhou when the Emperor Yang of Sui Dynasty patrolled to Jiangdu. To make this dish, first rice has to be cooked, then the cooked rice will be fried with eggs. The well-made Yangzhou fried rice looks like glittering broken gold, tasting fairly delicious. There is a vivid phrase to describe it: “Gold enwrapping silver”. 


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