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2018 Yangzhou Jianzhen International Half Marathon

Registration Notice


1. Event Date and Place

1. Event Date & Time: 8:00 a.m., April 22nd, 2018

2. Place: Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province, China


2. Registration Time

First Phase: Half Marathon

Registration: From December 26th, 2017 to December 31st, 2017

Drawing Lots: January 11st, 2018

Payment: From January 11st, 2018 to January 16th, 2018

Check Clause 11 for detailed registration methods

Second Phase: Mini Marathon

Registration & Payment: 10:00 a.m. January 18th, 2018 to 14:00 p.m. January 23rd, 2018

3. Event Size

Event Size: 35,000

(1) Half Marathon: 20,000    (2) Mini Marathon: 15,000

4. Registration Requirement

(1) Age Requirement:

a. Half Marathon: 16 years old (before December 31st, 2018)But for those under 18 years old, their legal guardians or statutory agents are required to sign the disclaimer before the race.

b. Mini Marathon: No Age Limitation. But for those under 13 years old (before December 31st, 2018), their legal guardians or statutory agents are required to sign the disclaimer before the race, meanwhile, they can only be permitted to run when accompanied by the guardians who shall participant in the same race.

(2) Physical Condition Requirements:

Marathon is a competitive sport with high intensity, long distance and high risk, which requires the competitors good health. All participants shall be physically healthy and often practice running or obtain running training. Participants are advised to choose competition categories according to their physical condition and training status.

People who fall into the following categories are advised not to participate in the marathon competition:

a. Those with congenital or rheumatic heart disease;

b. Those with hypertension and cerebrovascular disease;

c. Those with myocarditis and other heart diseases;

d. Those has serious coronary artery disease and serious arrhythmia;

e. Those with over-high or over-low blood glucose;

f. Others who are not suitable for marathon (pregnant women, tired men before the race and heavy drunkers, etc.). 


5. Registration Platform

1. Official website:

2. Public WeChat platform: yzmls-zyt  or Scan the QR code


6. Categories 

(1) International Half Marathon: All Participants of the event can be ranked in both their registered category and International Half Marathon category.

(2) China Dream Chinese Half Marathon: Participants must be citizens in mainland of China, Hong Kong, Macao or Chinese Taipei, Ethnic Chinese, overseas Chinese or Chinese students abroad.

(3)“Happiness Avenue” Yangzhou Citizens Half Marathon: Participants must have census registers in Yangzhou (excluded those middle-distance runners registered in China Athletes Association).

(4) “Youth on the Road” University and College Groups Half Marathon: Participants must be students in universities and colleges. Maximum number of each team is 20.

7. Registration Fee

Half Marathon: RMB120

Half Marathon (Charity): RMB 1000

Mini Marathon: RMB 60

8. Payment Method: Alipay

9. Contacts

E-address:  (recommended)


Wechat:yzmls-zyt (certified)


Working time:10:00—12:00.a.m.  15:00—17:00 p.m. in workdays 

10. Submitted information of applicants, if exists mistakes, can be checked and revised after contacting the OC before March, 15th, 2018.

Careful examination before submitting is strongly recommended. Registration fee will not be returned even participants quit the race.

11. Registration flow chart

① Registration→ ② Go through the event regulation and agree with it → ③ Applicate →  ④ Checked by organizers →⑤Drawing lots →⑥Pay the fee

 (If the number of registration is beyond the limitation above, the qualification of entering will be determined by drawing lots. 


(1)Half Marathon:    

1.Registration Time:

Mass Runners: From 12:00 a.m., December 26th, 2017 to 17:00 p.m., December 31st, 2017

Charity Runners: From 12:00 a.m., December 26th, 2017 to 14:00 p.m., January 16th, 2018

University and College Groups: From January 8th, 2018 to January 9th, 2018 (Paper documents must be mailed to OC office before December 20th, 2017 from now on)




If the number of registration is beyond the limitation above, the qualification of entering will be determined by drawing lots.


An individual can not register for different categories.

Runners who are free of drawing lots.


Special Runners

Elite Runners and foreign runners (including runners from Hong Kong, Macao or Chinese Taipei).


Loyal Runners

Runners who have competed Yangzhou Half Marathon for at least 5 times with valid results


Honor Runners

Top 100 in three categories:  International Half Marathon, China dream Chinese Half Marathon or Happiness Avenue Yangzhou Citizens Half Marathon in 2017 ;

Runners who were awarded as Spokesman Ambassadors or Honor Runners;


Speedy Runners

Half Marathon for men 1:30:00, Half Marathon for female 1:55:00; based on Chinese marathon data base (Half Marathon)


Covenant  Runners

Runners who are guaranteed by official activities or sponsorship, size: 2400;

Promised by Nanjing Marathon OC and Zhenjiang Marathon OC, size:100

( 6 )

Charity Runners

Registration size is 200. Runner failed in the process of drawing lots can continue to register for this category.



Any records of bad behaviors in local public security office


Whether suspended by IAAF, Chinese Athletic Association or organizing committee


Fake age or fake identity.

Drawing lots

(Supervised and monitored by Notary Office )

2. The results of drawing lots for Loyal Runners and Speedy Runners will be announced on 1st, January, 2018.

3. Drawing Lots

4. From 14:00 p.m. January 11st, 2018 to 14:00 p.m. January 16th, 2018 is the time period of payment by successfully selected runners after drawing lots

5. Successfully selected runners who are failed to pay the fee within above time period are regarded as quitting the race,

6. In order to have accurate result statistics, applicants shall apply the user account on the official website and fulfill personal information of the account. If having run this Half Marathon for several times before, applicants shall check the historic results in the Historical Statistics Database. During the time period of December 20th, 2017 to  February 1st, 2018, Historical Statistics Database and Certificate Database are not available.

 (2):“Youth on the Road” University and College Groups Half Marathon    



From January 8th, 2018 to January 9th, 2018 (Paper documents must be mailed to OC office before December 20th, 2017 from now on)


Undergraduates will be privileged.


Maximum size of each group: 20.  Total size of University and College Groups Half Marathon is 2000.


The event will be group events, including male and female groups. One group should at least content 3 runners.


The official seal of Committee of Communist Youth League or Sports Department in the university or college  is required


Only one group in each university or college can be accepted, please send the paper documents to the committee.


Independent college is accepted.


After checking the paper documents, an e-mail of confirming will be sent to relative accepted team.


Registration Charts will be uploaded by our committee, please check in time. Team leaders shall download it and upload the new fulfilled Registration Charts onto the registration system for last checking by the OC.


After successful registration, 1000 Yuan shall be paid by each team as guarantee deposit. Refunding rules: the deposit will only be returned when more than 90% of the team runners finally participates the race.


Address: No.2 Qilidian Road, Yangzhou (Yangzhou Sports Bureau)


(3) Mini Marathon



11:00 a.m., 18th, January,2018 -- 14:00 p.m., 23rd , January,2018


The registration will be ended when the size is full. No drawing lots in Mini Marathon!


After drawing lots, those who fail to register in half marathon can still register for Mini Marathon.


Successfully selected runners who are failed to pay the fee within regulated time period are not permitted to register for Mini Marathon.


Legal Guardians: Legal Guardians shall participant in the same race together with the kid runners under 13 years old.


12. Other information that has not been announced here will be supplemented in other ways.

 Yangzhou Jianzhen International Half Marathon Organizing Committee

                                                      24th, November, 2017 
























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