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Title Sponsor for Yangzhou Jianzhen International Half Marathon
date:2016-12-15 source: hits:

The charming city of Yangzhou is going to hold the Gold Label Race, Yangzhou Jianzhen International Half Marathon. On February 22nd, brimming with the heaviest feeling of love, Quanyou Furniture which is the leader brand in China announced that it is ready to sponsor the Yangzhou Jianzhen International Half Marathon again. Quanyou now has sponsored Yangzhou Half Marathon for two years in a row and advocated the idea of green living, it will present the nationwide runners an amazing race.

In order to enable runners to be involved in this competition better, Quanyou will build a closer partnership with the OC of Yangzhou Half Marathon, initiating and participating in many theme activities so that the participants can receive a more fascinating culture of Yangzhou Half Marathon. 

1 You can take part in the carnival of Yangzhou Half Marathon.

The three-day carnival brings the runners a lot of fabulous interaction games. As the title sponsor, Quanyou will establish a special stand to welcome the runners all over the world. There will be precious souvenirs for you to take.

2 You can join in the activities like campfire party.

Under the leadership of the OC, we can join in the campfire party, wild camping and the training camp for marathon.

3 You can select road-explorers of Yangzhou Half Marathon.

Vote for your favorite runner and let him or her explore the racing track for you in advance and tell you the secret of wining.

4 You can establish “YOYO Running Group”.

Today “YOYO Running Group” is set up officially. We will carry out a series of online activities via the official micro blog and We Chat account of Quanyou and recruit 500 group members nationwide who will get the pass-through slots for free.

5 Panda YOYO accompany you all the way.

In 2017, the image representative “Panda YOYO” will continue to accompany you throughout the happy journey of Yangzhou Half Marathon. Same as the last year, Panda YOYO will add different style to this event. We apply enormous elements of Panda YOYO to the arrangement of racing track and material and settle the Panda YOYO at starting point and the ending point to interact with the runners. We also display a large amount of image of YOYO at the carnival spot for audiences and participants to take group photos. The subtle combination of the lovely YOYO and this marathon game held in the historical and cultural city of Yangzhou gives the runners a overall knowledge of fashionable and traditional beauty of interaction., meanwhile experiencing a journey throughout the history.

For more information about other excellent activities and “YOYO Running Group”, please follow the official micro blog and We Chat account of Quanyou furniture. quanyoujiaju2012

In this flowery March journeyed south to Yangzhou, what are you waiting for?

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