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First, enter official website, click on the button “Registration”

Second, enter the registration page. System testing, if not landing, it will jump to the login page, as follows.

Third, choose individual registration.

Fourth, finish landing, fill in your essential information.

Fifth, choose your event category.

Event Category: Half Marathon (21.0975km)

Entry type:  International Half Marathon (21.0975km)

China Dream (21.0975km)

Happiness Avenue (21.0975km)

“Public Welfare” Yangzhou Half Marathon (21.0975km)

China Dream: the competitors who want to join the “China Dream” must be residents from Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and overseas Chinese or students.

Happiness Avenue: the competitors who want to join the “Happiness Avenue” must be Yangzhou citizens (except middle-distance race runners)

Public Welfare” Yangzhou Half Marathon: the competitors who join the “Public Welfare” should pay 1000 yuan for the competition. (The number of people assigned is 300, first-come, first-served)

Sixth, after filling all your information, you should pay and finish your registration.

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